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ASHEVILLE MOVING COMPANY: Christmas For Kids Car Show @ Hendrick Motorsports in Concord, North Carolina. ) Asheville Hendersonville #WNC @WNCMOVER LOOK SUBSCRIBE TO ssdandp
Kasaa: crap, why
miepiechief: Yeah, riding the bullit.
SoCalFreeze: Hey what r u going to do with your boomba racing blow of valve adapter 
CopperPingu: I took apart my MS290 chainsaw using this video. I had to replace the piston. Very helpful video. Thanks for making this!
Annette Jordan: My boyfriend is 6' 5" he rides a VTX 1800s, but is just as comfortable on my 1300s VTX. Please note we both run a Mustang Wide Touring seat
Verry Technical: Yes, the 200th podcast being the last was just a running joke :).