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Mduduzi Nkala: I tried, and failed. When I had the ideas I never had the ability. When I had the ability I never had the ideas. Now I have both but not the grit. Maybe not as a teenager but later on in life. For now I shall focus on the good old hard and slow method, recovering from burnout and figuring out a way to enjoy life.
Tastefully Vikkie: Love this video, but I have an urge to steam your lovely new coat! Looks like it creases easily x
Banervell Seyong: K.....
awesome roxy: Let's not fight here. I understand that some like Aldub and some not but u don't have to say bad comments here
koushik suthar: i flash miui 7.1 using twrp. but when i reboot my device then device will automatic boot into twrp recovery. give me solution of this problem...........
Jar Jar Martin: why no rechargeable lithium battery?
loumaillamerica: Hi, I bought the same set and I wired it to a cigarette lightning charger. When I turn it on on the box, a little red light, so there is no problem with the wire, but the flashing leds don't work.
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